How Many Years Do The Dental Implants Last?

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how many years do the dental implants last

Dental implants are a great choice for long-term tooth replacement since they are like real teeth; you only require routine care. But about their lifespan? The patient’s preferences and general dental cleanliness play a significant role in the answer to this question.

Thanks to technological advancements over the past years, the chances of this vital service failing is extremely rare. So, when an implant fails to integrate into a patient’s jawbone correctly, pre-existing medical disorders, misuse of the device, and infections are more likely the cause.

What is a Dental Implant Made of?

The materials used in dental implants near you are what makes them durable:

  • Implant: An implant is a titanium or zirconia post clinically placed into a patient’s jawbone to act as the crown’s root.
  • Abutment: The abutment holds the crown in place, which is attached to the implant.
  • Crown: A ceramic fake tooth installed on top of the abutment and imitates the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth is known as a crown.

Since they are exposed and used when biting and chewing food, the crown and abutment are typically more susceptible to damage than the implant.

What is the Lifespan of Dental Implants?

The implant screw can last a long time with good cleaning and flossing if the patient sees a dentist in Mokena every six months. Yet, the crown typically has to be replaced after only 10 to 15 years.

But if you look after your teeth and use the crown carefully, it might last longer than 15 years. The spot of the mouth also influences how long a dental implant will stay. Because chewing requires more active use of the mouth, implants far from the front of the mouth are more likely to deteriorate more quickly.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The healing treatment may differ from patient to patient, and implants can take some time to integrate with your jawbone. It can take anything from six to eight months on average.
After your initial appointment, there are three main steps for your dental implants. For more precise results, a CT scanner will be used to evaluate the positioning of your implants.

Step 1 – A biocompatible titanium post, called an implant, is fused with your jaw to connect a replacement tooth or teeth securely. The implant resembles your tooth root.
Step 2 – Your implant is connected to your new restoration by a tiny connector called an abutment.
Step 3 – Your individualized repair is positioned to rebuild your smile. It might be a denture, a bridge, or a crown.

Does It Hurt to Get Implants?

Many people claim that dental implants are painless. Before starting the implant operation, your dentist near you will try to ease any worries and ensure you’re at ease. During the implant installation, sedation dentistry or local anesthesia will be used to calm anxious patients.

Dental Implants vs. Other Tooth Replacement Options

A dental implant is an enduring tooth replacement alternative currently both patients’ and dentists’ first choice. A dental implant can be used to bite and chew without slipping, unlike dentures, and it replaces a natural tooth. Because implants are permanently affixed, unlike dentures, all oral hygiene procedures must be performed with natural teeth, including flossing and twice-daily brushing. Unlike dental bridges, which tend to exert pressure on nearby teeth, dental implants in Mokena are anchored to the core of the jawbone and don’t need to be cleaned differently.

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