Why are Your Child’s Permanent Teeth Coming in Yellow?

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why are your childs permanent teeth coming in yellow

Have you noticed that your child’s upcoming adult teeth are more yellow than their baby teeth? However, if your child takes good care of their oral hygiene, this issue can be solved, and thus you can relax. Most likely, the yellowing or discoloration of your child’s teeth is a typical aspect of their growth and development.

Our pediatric dentist near you will help identify other potential causes of your child’s developing teeth looking darker than they should and how you can treat them.

But here’s what you need to know about the colouring of adult teeth, as provided below.

Understanding Potential Causes of Discoloration

Deciduous teeth, commonly called baby teeth, start falling out and are replaced by permanent adult teeth when your child is around five or six. During this critical period of growth, you may notice that your child’s once-pearly white teeth are changing colour and becoming darker. If so, try not to get alarmed. In case of any questions, you can reach out to a pediatric dental clinic near you.

Compared to baby teeth, permanent adult teeth are darker and have more dentin. Due to the enamel’s minor translucence, the dentin’s colour may occasionally be visible. Additionally, permanent teeth emerge with more translucent teeth and wider nerve canals. Compared to the smaller, lighter baby teeth in your child’s mouth, the new permanent adult teeth appear more yellow than the primary teeth. Your child will eventually lose their baby teeth, and when they do, the colour and appearance of their permanent teeth will gradually lighten.

Reasons a Child’s Adult Teeth are Yellow

Even though it’s perfectly normal for adult teeth to appear more yellow, a few things could make them look dark and unnaturally yellow. The following are some of the most typical causes of extremely yellow, recently erupted adult teeth:

  • Dental injury: A fall or an object can damage an adult tooth in your child, resulting in severe discoloration. Adult teeth that have been damaged frequently have a dark yellow or grey colour.
  • Medication: Some medications have been shown to increase the natural yellowness of adult teeth. Because some antibiotics, like tetracycline, can interact chemically with tooth enamel and leave significant yellow stains on teeth, doctors try to avoid providing them to expectant mothers.
  • Poor oral hygiene: Both oral health and the colour of teeth depend on good oral hygiene. Your child is more likely to have brighter adult teeth if they take good care of their baby teeth. Their tooth colour will show if their dental hygiene is neglected.
  • Genetics: Teeth come in various forms, dimensions, and hues. Your child’s teeth may be genetically predisposed to be more yellow than others if they are born more yellow than usual.

Managing Yellow Teeth

Make an appointment with our dentist for an evaluation if your child’s teeth are darker and you believe it may be a sign of something other than average growth. Our dentist may suggest a suitable course of treatment once the reason for the discoloration has been identified.

A healthy mouth is always important. Ensure that your kiddo uses floss at least once a day and brushes twice daily. When your child begins caring for their teeth early, they develop healthy dental habits that enable them to keep a radiant and attractive smile as they age. Additionally, remember to schedule routine dental exams. Our dentist in Mokena recommends scheduling cleaning and maintenance appointments every six months. This allows us to monitor current problem areas and identify emerging problems before they become serious.

Generally speaking, we advise against giving children over-the-counter tooth whitening solutions until all their baby teeth have fallen out.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Cleaning!

Do your child’s adult teeth, which are erupting, appear unusually yellow? To help identify the problem and provide a customized treatment plan for their requirements, seek help from our pediatric dentistry in Mokena. To help decrease plaque and tartar buildup, make sure you are teaching your child how to brush and floss at home correctly and that they receive biannual dental cleanings.

So, if you are searching for an excellent dentist in Mokena, contact Axion Dental. Book your appointment now to get started.